CovidRace is a news and research platform developed by a team of international experts at the time of the COVID pandemic. Our mission is to convey the chronicles of pain and losses to present the stories behind the international efforts that scientists, entrepreneurs and institutions are making in search for covid-19 treatments and vaccines. A story of humans and science that, in our opinion, deserves to be told and made accessible to everyone.

We are living in exceptional times, in which prudence and audacity are some of the requisites needed to imagine the society of the future. The current historical moment confronts us with the obligation and the need to stay home; however, at the same time, presents the opportunity to contribute to the changing societal climate. In the last few months, greater attention from the media has been focused around all aspects and facets of this pandemic. We have become familiar with the statistics on hospitalization rates, as well as, the numbers of recovered patients and victims whom have lost their lives. These daily statistics have covered the screens of digital media through infinite viewing possibilities. CovidRace.news aims to add a piece to the puzzle of this pandemic. Perhaps that which is lacking or even absent in the current narrative of the pandemic is the global race for a coronavirus vaccine and cure.

CovidRace was co-founded by Gianluca Fabiano, a health economist and PhD researcher at the Institute for Leadership and Management in Health of Kingston University London alongside Alessio Petecchia, an architect working in the public and private sectors, with experience in programming health devices and urban accessibility plans. Development has been provided by the team at Oppie Labs, a boutique software development company.

For more information please contact us at [email protected].